Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Ads triangle, we are quite concerned about the confidentiality and security of our client’s personal information. We always want to keep transparency regarding how we collect your personal information, use it and keep it intact. Hence, we have certain privacy policies.

  • There are various sorts of personal information which are required at the time of form filing like Name, Email, contact No. etc. We always maintain the confidentiality of such personal information and ensure that this is not exposed to any third party without their prior consent.
  • Ads triangle always take necessary preventive measures to prevent any kind of misuse, loss or alteration of the client’s personal information.
  • The transportation of data over the Internet is intrinsic insecure. In such cases, Ads triangle do not guarantee any kind of security.
  • We aim at providing the maximum security to the monetary transactions. Hence we make the use of SSL encrypted technology to prevent the clients from online fraud and thefts.
  • Cookies help to track the users browsing activity and preferences to track the statistical data. We may also make the use of cookies to understand the browsing pattern of the web users and optimize your website.
  • We may make the changes in the privacy policies if required, the updated version will be uploaded on the website. The client needs to keep a check, to keep themselves updated with the policies.

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