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We can increase ROI from Shopping campaigns within 40 days

In Last 1 Year We Managed Google Shopping for More Than 30 Clients

The results coming from our Google shopping campaign are real and concrete, only those interested in the purchase would reach your site!

Google Shopping campaigns if managed in a right way could have a great impact on buyers. If new to this online shopping world, going with this tool enables you to enjoy quick and easy transitions. Our team of expert marketers would formulate a strategy that eases out the task of featuring products in the organic searches.

Google Shopping or what we usually refer to as Google Product Search has a different database and our marketing efforts would target that. We will work on the more commercial keywords and the end result would be that your site would start appearing amongst those top 3 or 5 links on the page.

We make sure that it does not take much time for your website or product page to come on the top, once we accomplish this; we make sure that it stays there for long. For all those with an ecommerce site and hungry for active marketing, going with our Google shopping services would help.

We Have Expertise Skills in Managing Google Shopping Campaigns

To get your products featured at the top, you need an expert and we have enough of these. We will do all that it takes to bring out results and the steps that define our approach are:

PLA Feed Creation


We will create a well-optimized PLA feed for all of your products. This will help to getter maximum exposure for our products for Google shopping campaign.

PLA Feed Optimization


We will optimize PLA feed title and description and make sure we include our products name in our title. In same way we use right uti and mpn no. products which make pla feed more credible.

Final Implementation


Google shopping campaigns optimisation which will include product grouping, bid optimisation, adding negative keywords, bid adjustment for top seller and much more.

We would work in accordance to the latest Google rules; this would ensure you that the results being promised would definitely arrive!

Our Google Shopping team would sit with the PPC and SEO experts to finally decide on the keywords that would fair out in all these practices as this would add to the efficacy of end results. Product listing ads would be optimized in a way that they help you get on the top of the page beating the competition.

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